Who am I?

Who am I?

A profound question to which there is no real answer.

I do not know entirely who I am as it can change like the wind. I can be happy and outgoing one day, alone and lost the next. The things I enjoy change constantly. To those who know me this makes me seem like a freak or they see this as completely out of character and dismiss it as “just a phase”.

From reading loads of other blogs I thought that perhaps I would find some answers through writing about things or sharing things that I am interested in. A place which explores all sides to my personality. Some will be happy some perhaps not so much. No matter what though, it is all me.

My life has been complicated, no, it is complicated. There is nothing special or unique about me. I am messed up in many ways and have made mistakes throughout my life. I just want to find a place where I am comfortable and safe with the person that I am and those things which get me buzzing.

I am no writer, singer or artist. What I write will be real and honest. Music, art, poetry are most likely to be those which I have found and love. Sometimes it will make sense and sometimes it will sound crazy.

So, lets start the ride and find out who I am!


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